FlexiKooler™ is a very unique, multi purpose beverage holder. The ingenuity of the Flexikooler is that it is the only solution available on the market today that can hold traditional sized bottles, as well as the new skinny 12oz cans or bottles. We can accommodate the odd sizes and shapes you often find with water and health drinks. The flexibility of the Flexikooler to carry such a wide variety of beverages, makes it a perfect choice to carry simple water bottles, or even a Coffee Thermos.
Fitted with an ultra-comfortable handle, FlexiKooler™ holds beverages securely for jogging or to use at the gym. For convenience when enjoying the outdoors, simply attach a Carabiner to hang off your belt loop or backpack. Use when walking around the block, the beach, on the lake or when you are hiking.
• World’s first multi-size, variable-quantity beverage coozy system
• Fits skinny12oz to 25oz – No other product on the market like it!
Its the most durable drink cozy out there – holds a Healthy drink in the morning, water for the gym in the afternoon, and a cold one at the party in the evening..
Get up and do it again tomorrow!

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