About Stubby Strip

Brett in the picture working hard at the sewing machine creating the original StubbyStrip prototype

The StubbyStrip, a first-of-its-kind invention, was created by a pioneering Aussie named Brett Gresham, who literally came up with the idea while throwing a “shrimp on the barbie”. Like most creative inventions, The StubbyStrip came to Brett as a vision of unexpected lucidity after watching a group of friends arrive for a barbecue.

When some friends arrived at Brett’s place, clutching their warm beers in a range of random ways – one in each hand, plastic bags, a half full cardboard six-pack… Lucky for them, Brett had ice, but it got him thinking that there had to be a better way to carry beer… better still: cold beer. That night, putting his engineering skills to good use, Brett sat down at his wife’s sewing machine and The StubbyStrip was born!

The StubbyStrip has gone through many variations since that first prototype, improved over and over again to become what it is today. The original had a single strip of Velcro around the center and a horizontal handle Brett even sewed half a dozen handles onto various places to see which worked best. The most recent change was the ‘tear off’ stubby holder.

Once he perfected the design, the next challenge for Brett was to figure out how to keep the drinks cold. Neoprene, a fabric used to make wetsuits, was what Brett had envisioned, but using this fabric opened up so many things to consider, such as the huge variety of qualities and thicknesses, 3mm N-Type reverse, 4mm T-Type Standard, double sided, with or without synthetic covering… and on and on.

But after persevering through these challenges and sourcing the correct Neoprene wetsuit material, a working model evolved, making Brett’s great idea a reality. Bingo – the Aussies loved it!

Brett said that even though The StubbyStrip was originally intended for beer, it quickly became obvious that there were so many other uses for the StubbyStrip such as soft drinks, water bottles, kids drinks and cans.

Today, with the StubbyStrip sold in five different countries throughout the world, Brett has come a long way since that night grilling in his backyard with his buddies in South Australia.

Here at StubbyStrip USA, we applaud Brett for this innovative solution to keeping drinks icy cold all day long. And in the words of the StubbyStrip inventor himself, we think that the Stubby Strip is simply “GENIUS”. We hope you think so, too!



The StubbyStrip USA Team